Three Things You Need to Know About the Company Which Provides Warmth and Comfort to Ukrainian Homes

Ukrainians live in a country where most people get heat by just pressing a button on a boiler or through a central heating system, cook food by simply turning a knob on a stove, and effortlessly fill up their cars with petrol at numerous service stations.

Even in richer countries, this degree of convenience is not always readily available. It relies on the hard work of many people in a complex system.

1.Natural gas is the primary source of energy for 87% of Ukrainian families.

Imagine a typical start to your day. You wake up in a warm home, make breakfast and then go to work. This has become routine, and we give no thought to what has made it possible. The answer is simple: energy. Energy supply is vital to all areas of life: heating, food preparation, transport and economic activity.

2. 80,000 employees, 45,000 kilometres of pipelines, 308 billion cubic metres of gas reserves – Ukraine’s oil and gas industry is a complex system.

Naftogaz ensures integration of this system. The company unites human and infrastructure assets, allowing their utilisation for the supply of natural gas and petroleum products to customers in Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

Naftogaz Group

A large team of scientists, engineers, technicians and managers works daily to transform the hydrocarbon deposits deep underground into the blue flame on your gas stove and the petrol you pump at your service station, ensuring that the key parts of this mechanism are running smoothly.

Naftogaz Group / Employees of Ukrgazvydobuvannia, a Naftogaz subsidiary.

3. In 2018, Naftogaz paid UAH 136.5 billion in taxes.

That represents a sixth of total central government revenues.

Naftogaz Group

Naftogaz’s tax payments in 2018 were up by 27% from the year before. Starting in 2016, the company has been the largest net contributor to Ukraine’s central government budget .


*The feature series “Naftogaz Against Gazprom” is running in partnership with Yuriy Vitrenko, executive director of Naftogaz Group. Opinions expressed in these features do not necessarily reflect the views of Naftogaz Group or the NV editorial team.